We all have that one friend who can weave together words to tell a story that hits you right 'in the feels' - in your core. Think of her - she tells stories that ignite a spark inside your body and provoke your imagination. Storytelling and communications are artforms that take practice. At our core, we are all storytellers, or lyricists, or authors, and have the capacity to communicate in ways that resonate with our audiences.

Strong, clear communication stitches together words in ways that evoke an emotion. Powerful internal and external business communications can drive employee morale, improve client engagement, and increase brand awareness. Clear communication helps your customers understand how your product or service directly meets their needs.

Communications Services

Touch of Grey supports businesses with a wide scope of communications services including:

  • Internal Communications
  • External Communications
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Writing, Proofreading, Copyediting
  • Employee & Client Newsletters
  • Public Relations

Why Work with a Communications Consultant?

Communicating clearly, regularly, and consistently with your stakeholders creates trust and brand affinity. Having a solid, strategic approach to communications can increase organizational awareness, increase sales, and expand employee engagement.

Communications consultants can help companies develop, refine and improve on their communication strategies and goals. Engaging with a consultant makes sense for businesses such as:

  • Small- and medium-sized businesses who are launching a new product or service
  • Organizations who want to improve internal communications and share information consistently with their team
  • Business owners who do not have the time (or desire) to create relevant, engaging content for their stakeholders

Let's Chat

Have a project on the horizon? Need some help crafting and sharing your story? Let's connect. And if you'd like to chat for no other reason than to tell me a great story, reach out and let's grab a coffee or cocktail.